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Rubber Band Helicopter

Contestants will build and test one paper cup helicopter of any design using the materials provided at the competition.

Number Students Allowed
2 per team
Impact Safety Glasses (ANSI Z87.1+)
Oct 15, 2023

Can you please clarify the Scoring Example in the Instructions? It seems to have been adapted from the Rubber Band Car challenge and as such, some of the terms ie:"distance to target" do not make sense in the context of this challenge.

  • · Read further on this clarifications page. This was addressed earlier.

Will the provide propellers have a ready-made propeller shaft and connection for the craft stick or will the students have to construct the shaft and mechanism to connect the craft stick using the listed supplies?

  • · Students will not have to build a working propeller.

We know that the propeller will be 15cms long. Will it have a hook and/or a slot to attach a craft stick to it?

  • · This information will not be given until the day of the competition. All teams will receive the same propeller.

Questions: We are looking for clarification on the Rubber Band Helicopter instructions. The scoring area includes the following text:  Teams are also placed in tiers based on adherence to the challenge instructions. Within each tier, teams will be ranked based on the scoring criteria for the challenge.  Tier 1: Teams with no violations.  Tier 2: Teams whose device loses a part or has golf fall out. Is the mention of "golf fall out" a typo? Or is there some expectation that the helicopter needs to carry a golf ball that is not otherwise mentioned?

Answer: There is no golf ball involved in this event the rules have been updates as of Sept. 23.

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