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Gravity Vehicle

Teams will build a device out of given materials to travel a distance while holding a golf ball and stopping as close to a designated finish point as possible. All building of devices will take place during the competition. This event will have a short-written test about the basics of gravity.

Number Students Allowed
2 per team
Impact Safety Glasses (ANSI Z87.1+)
Oct 15, 2023

Question: For gravity vehicle, what type of material will be provided. The examples are too generic. what kind of wheel and axle will be provided.

Answer: The rules are generic so as to give the event writer more material to write questions about. Division A is about exploration, not about absolutes. Other than the size Division A will not release this information.

Is the ramp a basic triangle shaped ramp? If so, what are the allowed angles angles? (example: 30-60-90, 45-45-90, etc)

  • · So that the cars will have a smooth exit from the ramp it is curved. The radius of the curve will not be released ahead of time.

Will participants be able to weigh their vehicle? Does the gravity car ramp show why at angle the ramp is at relative to the ground?

  • · Teams will not be weighing their vehicle. The radius of the curve will not be released ahead of time.

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