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Gravity Vehicle

Teams will build a device out of given materials to travel a distance while holding a golf ball and stopping as close to a designated finish point as possible. All building of devices will take place during the competition. This event has a written test on the possible topics of gravity, basic parts of wheeled vehicles and distance, rate and time calculations.

Number Students Allowed
Held Where?
2 per team
Safety Glasses (ANSI Z87.1+)
Oct 28, 2022

Q1: "The device must have a fixed piece of material extending above its front edge and close to the track surface. The point directly below this material will be used to measure the scoring distance. " What exactly does this sentence mean? Is it like an additional piece needs which could be anything like a paper, straw or anything that is provided should be added and should be first? 

A1: All teams will receive the same building materials. It is up to the team to determine what they will use as their fixed piece from their materials.

Q2: What exactly materials will be provided to this event? Can you provide us a picture of all the materials of this event?

A2: Multiple teams have asked this question. VASO does not release the list of materials for this event in advance. All teams will know how to build with the materials provided. 

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