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Teams will participate in an activity involving the positioning of mirrors to direct a laser beam towards a target. The event has a written test on the geometric and physical concepts of optics.

Number Students Allowed
3 per team

Questions: 1.        What is the time limit? It states the team will have 2 minutes to direct the beam of light, but the total limit of time is 3 minutes. What is the extra one minute for?  2.        After the team placed the mirrors, are they allowed to turn on the laser to check if the laser hits the target?  3.        If the answer for 2 is yes, are they allowed to turn off the laser and adjust mirrors? 4.        Is it allowed to mark lines at the board? 5.        Is it allowed to use multiple protractors and rulers? 6.        Is it allowed to bring a wire to be used along with the ruler and protractor?

Answers: (1) The Event Supervisor needs the extra time to answer questions from the team. (2) No. (3) Answered. (4) No the team may not write on the board. (5) No. Stated in the rules. (6) No. This material is not listed for teams to bring.

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