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Teams will participate in an activity involving the positioning of mirrors to direct a laser beam towards a target. The event has a written test on the geometric and physical concepts of optics.

Number Students Allowed
3 per team
Oct 15, 2023

What does the 2nd tiebreaker mean? Targets hit? Are there multiple targets?

  • · Explained in the rules.

I wanted to confirm if there will be practical part for this test or will it be just written test. It was not very clear from coaches call, will the exact format announced sometime.

  • · There are two parts to this event. While the students are answering questions on the written test, they will be called to use the optics box to compete in their practical application of optics.

Very confused about the 2 minutes vs. 3 minutes and when and how often we can turn on the laser pointer. Are there two components to the practical application? First, the team moves the movable mirror to hit target in less than 3 minutes. If they finish quickly and succeed (turn on lasers to check or just do the measurements and pick the final position for first. mirror?), they can then use up to 2 minutes (as long as total doesn't exceed 3) to add more mirrors. And can then turn on lasers again with each mirror being added? (HOW MANY TIMES CAN WE TURN ON THE LASER?) Also, is the stationary laser mounted in the center of the shorter wall or is its location unknown?

  • · Teams will not move the laser. Teams will move the mirrors. Starting with one mirror. The diagram in the rules shows the location of the stationary mirror, target and the laser. The entire time the team will use the optics box will be no more than two minutes. The extra minute is for instructions from the Event Supervisor.

Can we use protractor with two arm ruler attachment ?

One the mirrors are set and the lasers are turned on and in the case the laser does not hit the target. A) Will the students get another chance to reset the mirror it they are within their allotted 2 minutes. B)If they are allowed another attempt, how many attempts will they be given? C) will the timer be running when the lasers are turned on?

  • · Timing starts when the Event Supervisor says start. Each time the team request to move a mirror the laser will be turned off, but time will continue to run.

1、Rule 4 states,“Teams will use one movable and the stationary mirror to bounce a light to the target within three minutes.” We are a little confused by this rule. So in the first mirror task (the most important task), can the children only use 1 movable mirror or any number of movable mirrors (up to 4)? 2、During the test, after the children confirm that they have completed the first task, the event supervisor will calculate the time and help the children detect whether they have succeeded. If unsuccessful, and there is still time left, will the children have the opportunity to adjust the mirror and try again? Or if they don’t succeed, the children will have no results in this test. 3、Does the mirror be placed on the sides of the device? 4、What does it mean for “the first mirror task”, is there a second or third task in the test? Thanks a lot!

  • · The task is to use the stationary and one movable mirror to "bounce" the laser light to a target. Teams earn points for the more times they can bounce the light to the target. Time will continue as they adjust mirrors, but the laser will not run continuously.Questions: 

1. What is the time limit? It states the team will have 2 minutes to direct the beam of light, but the total limit of time is 3 minutes. What is the extra one minute for?  

2. After the team placed the mirrors, are they allowed to turn on the laser to check if the laser hits the target?  

3. If the answer for 2 is yes, are they allowed to turn off the laser and adjust mirrors? 

4. Is it allowed to mark lines at the board? 

5. Is it allowed to use multiple protractors and rulers? 

6. Is it allowed to bring a wire to be used along with the ruler and protractor?


(1) The Event Supervisor needs the extra time to answer questions from the team. 

(2) No. 

(3) Answered. 

(4) No the team may not write on the board. 

(5) No. Stated in the rules. 

(6) No. This material is not listed for teams to bring.

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