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Division A Registration

Division A School Registration

Division A registration is now closed for schools. We look forward to seeing all the skills and learning that our competitors bring to the tournaments in November.

Steps to registration:​

  • Fill out the interest form.

  • Download and review the Rules Manual and Required Registration Forms.

  • The head coach should sign up for an account in the Div A Coach Portal. In the Portal, the head coach will:

    • Designate how many teams, the school is registering. Each school may bring up to 3 teams of 15 students.

    • Express their choice for their tournament date.

    • Get access to the registration forms , which must also be signed by the school administrator.

    • Create an invoice which the coach can pay directly or pass on to someone else.

Note: Division A will not be using Scilympiad this season. Coaches do not need to make accounts in Scilympiad.

After registration is complete, coaches can:

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