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Virginia Science Olympiad

Science Olympiad isn't just for the kids - VASO has an active, close-knit community of wonderful, dedicated volunteers who support our organization.

A single tournament requires 350+ volunteer hours. Volunteers come from our active alum groups, college groups, community volunteers, and parents of participants.

Not every volunteer needs to be a professional scientist. VASO needs volunteers for all kinds of tasks:

  • Using a stop watch to time devices

  • Checking in teams

  • Shopping for and organizing supplies

  • Stuffing event packets for the judges

  • Sorting and packaging awards

  • Printing tests, name tags, and participant wristbands

  • Helping a judge proctor and grade tests

  • and, of course . . . writing tests and judging events

Come join us! Sign up to be a VASO volunteer today!

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