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Divisions BC Registration

Divisions B and C School Registration

Registration is only for the school's head coach - not individual participants.

Registration for the 2024-25 season will open on September 24. However, if you haven't already, please let us know of your interest ASAP on the Interest Form (link below) so we can keep you posted with current information and our regularly scheduled coach meetings. 

Let us know as soon as possible of your interest, so we can make sure you get all the timely information! This only takes a couple minutes!
  • Fill out the Interest Form.

  • Review the Registration Packet.

  • Review the Club Officer Guidelines, if you wish to involve your club officers in VASO communications and Portal registration.

  • The head coach should sign up for an account in the Div B/C Coach Portal. In the Portal, the head coach will:

    • Designate how many teams, the school is registering. Each school may bring up to 3 teams of 15 students to regionals. If wishing to register more than three teams to take to invitational tournaments, there is a reduced price for the additional teams. 

    • Express their choice for their Regional Day.

    • See if we have received the school's registration forms , which must also be signed by the school principal (or equivalent). The registration forms and where to email them are in the registration packet.

    • Create an invoice which the coach can pay directly or pass on to someone else.

After registration is complete, coaches can:
  • Get the school's assigned Regional Day and a team number.

  • Select competition times for the self-scheduled events in the Coach Portal.

  • Have the parents of the students fill out the required VASO permission slip.

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