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Teams will build a device to create neutral buoyancy within a saline water environment using a set of given materials. This event has a building component and a written test.

Number Students Allowed
2 per team
ANSI Z87.1‐2015 certified and meets CE EN166 & D3 Splash/Droplet standards
Oct 15, 2023

Is the goal of the Cartesian submersible that we build to float on the middle of the bottle without us squezzing the bottle? Like drop the diver in the bottle and the team who diver floats in the middle of the bottle wins? or can the diver float on top?

  • · You will not be able to squeeze the device holding the water. The winner will be the team that comes brings their "diver" closest to the center mark on the device holding the water.

1.may I able to know what size of container they will use during the test ? It only said 30-40cm tall container. It doesn’t said how wide it is . 2. , we are not able to try after we build the submersible. It means only we build it and one shot and done ? 3. we have to bring chart or graph how we did experiments? Obviously we will prepare and try more then 5 times , but if we didn’t bring it , it will disadvantage for the team ?

  • · No. The dimensions will not be known by the students until the competition. 2. Each team receives one release of their submersible into the column of water. 3. One of the goals of Science Olympiad is to have students explore and learn to keep notes of their experiments. Teams not bringing a chart will receive a tier violation and be scored below those teams that followed the rules.

Will the stundent be informed what will be the density of the saline solution ? So that they will know how to estimate the volume of thier submersible using thier previous test experience

  • · The students will be given the percent salinity on the day of the competition.

1) will the students be able to submit the submersible five times and collect measurement from each of the five times as the materials section suggests, or will they only be able to submit one guess as the scoring/rules section suggests? 2) does this event require goggles or glasses? The safety instructions say to wear safety glasses, but then they have a warning that safety glasses are not rated for this event and a picture of goggles..

  • · The rules do not state that the students will collect five measurements at the competition. They are to practice ahead of time and bring a chart with their five measurements. 2) Students must wear the safety goggles as stated in the rules.

What is the width of the container that will be used during the test?

  • · This will not be released before the competition.

Rules Book mentions that “ One chart or graph on 8 1⁄2 x 11 paper showing at least 5 experiments to achieve buoyancy in different saline solutions.” Can you please clarify? Are students supposed to do bring results of 5 of their experiments performed prior to competition? It appears that on the day of competition, students will build the submersible and have only one try. Is this correct?

  • · Yes bring the results of their experimentation before the competition. 2. Yes, the will have only one try.

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