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This event tests participants’ knowledge of native trees of Virginia. This event has a written test and may/may not include “hands-on” stations.

Number Students Allowed
2 per team
Oct 15, 2023

Q1. Does the field guide have to be hand written or can it be typed? Q2. In the "Teams need to bring" section, it mentions "teams may bring one field guide" - what does that mean? Can they bring a reference book?

  • · Yes. One reference book.

1- Part 2 (written test) will be based on common identification terminology used in identifying the trees, forest types and forest succession. Part 3 says : Students will identify trees based on real or images of leaves. So there will be no questions on tree identification in the part 2 written test? 2- If the tree identification will be only based on leaves, or will be based on twigs and bark as well?

  • · Students need to be ready for all types of questions. The test writer may or may not have a hands on section. Students need to review and remember the best ways to tell the trees apart. No further information can be given about the test as it may compromise the test writer's ability to create a fair test.

Can the Forestry field guide by a book?

  • · Yes.

The report should be written or can be print out?

  • · The report can be printed.

Can the report journal be typed or does it need to be handwritten? Any size specifications or restrictions for field journal?

  • · There is no size restriction on the field manual.

Does the field report have to be handwritten or does it need to be typed?

  • · Either will be accepted.

The rules manual states that "Optionally teams may bring one field guide". What constitutes a field guide? Can teams bring a tree reference book (Trees of North America)? Can you please clarify what is allowed?

  • · A field guide is a reference book.

The instructions for the field report state "Research and explain how native Virginians used the parts of the trees". Does native Virginians refer to Native American tribes who lived in the Virginia area? Can you please clarify?

  • · Yes to all your questions.

If a team correctly identifies a tree's genus but gets the species wrong, will they get credit? For example, if the correct answer was "Sugar Maple", but the team wrote "Red Maple" or just “Maple” instead, will they get any credit as they correctly identified the genus?

· No. Teams must give the correct species and genus to receive credit.

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