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This event tests participants’ knowledge of the Respiratory System. This event has a written test and may/may not include “hands-on” stations.

Number Students Allowed
2 per team
Oct 15, 2023

Question: The description of Anatomy includes a sentence: It may/may not include “hands-on” stations. I would like more information whether those will in fact be included, and what hands-on activities might look like?

Answer: Hands stations are used throughout Science Olympiad. They are a series of questions conducted in round robin fashion to test as many teams as possible at the same time. It is up to the event writer to decide whether or not to have this as a part of the competition and this information will not be released ahead of time. Teams should prepare for all scenerios.

Question: I dont have enough team member , can we enroll single kid in the competition 

Answer: Yes.

Will   incorrect spelling be accepted as a correct answer if the judges can   determine that it is the correct answer?

  • Students   do not lose points for spelling as long as the Event Supervisor can decipher   what the team's has for an answer.

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