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Teams will build a barge on‐site to hold the greatest amount of cargo before sinking. This event has a written test on the possible topics of buoyancy, density, the building and basic parts of ships and barges.

Number Students Allowed
Held Where?
2 per team
ANSI Z87.1‐2015 certified and meets CE EN166 & D3 Splash/Droplet standards.
Oct 28, 2022

Q1: Can a barge be flat bottomed but different shape than rectangle?

A1: The barge may be any shape the team desires based on the materials they are given. 

Q2: Can you please provide the picture of how does the materials look like on the event day?

A2: VASO does not release the exact items the students will use for this event. Possible items are listed in the rules.

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