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Periodic Table

This event tests participants’ knowledge of atoms and the trends seen in the Periodic Table. This event has a written test and may/may not include “hands-on” stations.

Number Students Allowed
2 per team
Oct 15, 2023

For the hands on station, will the materials provided be atomic building blocks like protons, neutrons, electrons? what exactly will be provided?

  • · This information will not be given until the day of the competition.

What materials will be provided if hands-on stations are run this year?

  • · We do not release this information ahead of time.

Are the students expected to know the full periodic table? Will the questions be appropriate for a 3rd grader?

  • · Students need to learn and understand as much as they can. The questions will be about the Periodic Table. It is an extension to learning for students below the 5th grade.

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