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Morse Codebusters

Teams will create a simple lighted telegraph to send and receive messages in morse code between two stations placed between 1 and 2 meters apart.

Number Students Allowed
2 per team
Oct 15, 2023

Will partners take turn on sending and decoding the messages? Can we have one person in charge of sending and the other person in charge of decoding the messages?

  • · A message will be sent by teammate #1 and deciphered by teammate #2. Then teammate #2 will send a message to teammate #1.

Regarding Morse Codebusters -> Each team member will alternate sending, decoding and replying to messages. • Each message sent will be in the form of a question related to the history of Morse Code. "Does this mean Students have to come prepare with list of questions and their answers? or they gonna get the questions at the event itself?"

  • · Students will receive the messages to send at the event.

Morse Codebusters-> Since each team member have to be sender and receiver, does this mean they need to setup two devices with telegraph keys?

  • · Yes. Teams will create a serial circuit like the diagram in the rules.

Do they need to memorize the numbers and special characters like question marks?

  • · The most important parts for Morse Code for this competition are the letters. Students should know the question and period marks, so their partners knows when the message is over.

During the morse code event, can the kids verbally communicate items like "READY" to signal start, "MISTAKE" to indicate error, etc. GIven that they are on two sides of a divided screen, will these basic communication protocol be acceptable in words?

  • · As stated in the rules: Teams are not allowed to communicate with each other during the sending and receiving of messages,
    except through morse code.

Question: What do we need to bring?

Answer: This is listed in the rules under materials. • Teams may bring writing utensils and blank scratch paper. • Teams may not use any externally sourced resource materials or research notes during the competition.

Question: Will the team for Morse Code Busters be provided the chart for the codes for letters or do they need to memorize it?

Answer: Teams must memorize the basic code.

Questions: (1) For Morse Code, are the kids expected to build the circuit or they will be provided with a fully set up device? (2) For Morse Code, is it one person sends question, and the other person send answer? then they alternate? (3) For Morse Code, are the kids allowed to abbreviate? like "I don't know = idk" or they are only allowed to use "AR" "DE" "R" etc.

Answers: (1) They will create their own curcuit. (2) Correct. (3) As stated in the rules students may use accepted Prosigns.

Request: The possible resources links on the Morse Code page do not appear to be hyperlinked?


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