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Robot Tour

Robot Tour

Teams design, build, program and test one Robotic Vehicle to navigate a track to reach a target at a set amount of time as accurately and efficiently as possible.

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National Rulebook
Nov 6, 2023

Section 6.c.ii.: Teams must only modify the impounded program file during the competition. If the program itself writes additional files like logs, then those files are also considered part of the program, so teams may view and modify them as well.

Oct 22, 2023

VASO considers writing code to be an integral part of building a device, so the Construction Policy applies to the code as well as the physical device. If concerns arise about a team’s compliance with this policy, they will be asked to return their code storage device to impound so tournament officials can review it.

Oct 22, 2023

Section 3.h.: All parts of the Robot must move as a whole; no tethers, motors with a function other than propelling the whole Robot, or other separate pieces are allowed. No parts of the Robot may change their relative positions during a run other than the wheels/treads. The only parts allowed to contact the floor during the run are parts already in contact with the floor in the ready-to-run configuration. Pieces falling off during the run constitutes a construction violation.

Oct 16, 2023

Section 6.m.: A Gate Zone Bonus is awarded for each Gate Zone entered in any order. The entire robot does not need to be inside the Gate Zone to receive the bonus, only the entire dowel rod. The front side of the Robot with the dowel rod must be the first side of the robot to travel into the Gate Zone. Traveling backwards or sideways will not count as entering the Gate Zone.

Oct 16, 2023

Section 6.c.iii.: Opening other files or referencing the Internet will result in their Final Score receiving the Not Impounded penalty disqualification.

Oct 16, 2023

Section 2.a.i.: …The USB drive, or similar storage device, must contain only one robot program, which can be one or more source code files, that is the starting program for the Robot. Code libraries do not need to be impounded.

Section 6.c.i.: Participants must open the single program file from the impounded USB drive in front of the Event Supervisor.

Robot Tour C VASO Checklist
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RobotTour 2023 Presentation with 2024 Updates
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