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Air Trajectory

Air Trajectory

Prior to the competition, teams will design, construct, and calibrate a single device capable of launching projectiles onto a target and collect data regarding device parameters and performance.

Regional Location
Eye Protection
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Type B
National Rulebook
Oct 16, 2023

Section 5.a.: Each team will have 8 minutes to set up, adjust and calibrate their device, and launch a max of 2 shots at each target. Measurement time required by the supervisor is not included in the allotted time. Devices that do not meet the construction specs will not be allowed to launch until brought into spec. See rule 7.h. for the scoring of devices that launch with a construction violation.

Oct 16, 2023

Section 4.e.: Event Supervisors will not set Design Log submission deadlines in advance of VASO tournaments. Design Logs should be submitted during impound according to rule 2.b.

Oct 16, 2023

Section 3.h.: The launch device must be designed and operated in such a way to not damage or alter the floor. The falling mass must be prevented from contacting, marking, or damaging the venue floor. Teams that do not adequately protect the venue floor from damage will not be allowed to compete and will receive participation points.

Air Trajectory BC VASO Checklist
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VASO Air Trajectory Scoring Spreadsheet

Trajectory Competition Area 2024
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Trajectory Launch Area 2024
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Projectile Spotting
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SO Personal Protective Equipment
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National Air Trajectory Div B page

National Air Trajectory Div C page

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