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Wheeled Vehicle

Wheeled Vehicle

Teams must design, build, and test one Vehicle that uses a non-metallic, elastic material as its sole means of propulsion to travel a distance as quickly and accurately as possible.

Regional Location
Eye Protection
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Hands-On Day
Type B
National Rulebook
October 19, 2022

Rule 5.b.ii. 0.25 m Timing Line - a line of 2.5 cm tape, approximately 70 cm long, to be placed perpendicular to and centered on the imaginary Center Line. The edge of the line closest to the Start Point must be 0.25 cm from the Start Point.

October 9, 2022

Rule 3.e. - Since dowels sold as “¼ inch dowels” are typically slightly narrower than that, VASO will accept dowels that measure approximately ¼ inch.

October 8, 2022

Add a rule 4.b.iv. - If a kit was used to build the team’s device, the Design Log must also include an explanation of at least one substantial modification made to the kit as required by the Constructed Devices Policy.

October 5, 2022

Rule 4.e. - Logs will not necessarily be returned to teams. Teams should keep their original log and submit a copy to the Event Supervisor.


Wheeled Vehicle B 2023
Download PDF • 104KB

VASO Wheeled Vehicle Scoring Spreadsheet
Download XLSX • 844KB

Science Olympiad Personal Protective Equipment
Download PDF • 1.69MB

Videos shown in the "Let's Chat" talk

Wheeled Vehicle Construction Parameters 2023
Download PDF • 69KB

Wheeled Vehicle Track 2023
Download PDF • 129KB

Nationals 2023 General Vehicle Lessons and Tips Video

National Wheeled Vehicle event page

Student Resource Center (Scioly)

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