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Prior to the tournament, teams will design, construct and test free flight rubber-powered aircraft to achieve maximum time aloft.

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National Rulebook
March 4, 2023

Rule 4.e. - Logs will not necessarily be returned to teams. Teams should keep their original log and submit a copy to the Event Supervisor.

March 2, 2023

The Constructed Devices Policy of VASO states the judging conditions under which teams are allowed to use kits to build the devices for VASO tournaments.  Because Rule 3a specifically allows for kits to be used in the construction of the aircraft, Event Supervisors will not apply the "Use of Kits" portion of the policy to craft built from kits.  In other words, Event Supervisors will not require that the devices built from complete kits to be substantially and materially customized.  However, teams should carefully evaluate any kit for compliance with the current year rules - even kits that claim that they are Science Olympiad approved.

March 2, 2023

Rule 5.e.iv. - When launching their device, participants must stand or sit directly on the floor.

March 2, 2023

Rule 5.a. - At the State tournament, the two divisions of Flight will share a large gym with a number of other building events. Thus the event will probably have roughly one third of the gym. The entire gym is 31.5m long x 35.3m wide x 8.0m high (to the bottom of the girders).


Flight B VASO 2023 Scoresheet
Download PDF • 89KB

Flight C VASO 2023
Download PDF • 89KB

VASO Flight BC Spreadsheet
Download XLSX • 219KB

National Flight Div B event page

National Flight Div C event page

Student Resource Center (Scioly)


Flight Event Tip Series (based on 2022 rules, but useful tips):

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