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Detector Building

Detector Building

Teams will build a durable Mass/Force Sensing Device that will accurately measure and display both voltage and actual masses of different solid samples ranging from 30 to 1,000 grams.

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Written Test Day & Hands-On Day
National Rulebook
January 13, 2023

Rule 3.b. - …All supporting circuits must be assembled on either a solderless or solderable breadboard. The following are construction violations: preassembled devices, load cells, preassembled load cells where the strain gauges are already wired together or attached to a flexible material, parts taken from such a preassembled load cell, printed circuit boards…

December 20, 2022

National FAQ dated 12/2/22 regarding a team’s request to mill their own circuit board - While Nationals is allowing a team to mill its own circuit board, VASO will not allow it.

October 19, 2022

Formatting error corrections:

  • Rule 5.Part II.a.ix(4) should become Rule 5.Part II.b.

  • Rule 5.Part II.a.ix(5) should become Rule 5.Part II.c.

The rules will apply to all tournament levels.

October 8, 2022

VASO considers writing code to be an integral part of building a device, so the Constructed Devices Policy applies to the code as well as the physical device. To ensure this policy is being followed, teams will be required to transfer a copy of their source code file (after they have modified it during the setup period) onto a USB flash drive provided by the Event Supervisor. The team is responsible for ensuring they will have a way to connect the provided USB flash drive to their laptop or calculator.

October 5, 2022

Rule 4.e. - Logs will not necessarily be returned to teams. Teams should keep their original log and submit a copy to the Event Supervisor.


Detector Building C VASO 2023
Download PDF • 107KB

VASO Detector Building Scoring Spreadsheet
Download XLSX • 938KB

Allowed Electronic Components 2023
Download PDF • 833KB

Device Block Diagram 2023
Download PDF • 146KB

National Detector Building event page

Student Resource Center (Scioly)

National Significant Figures Guidelines

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