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Leah Puhlick

Regional Director

Leah Puhlick has been a volunteer with Virginia Science Olympiad since the program started in Virginia in 2001. At that time, Virginia Science Olympiad consisted of one state tournament run by the science supervisors for Fairfax County Public Schools and she coached a team at Langley High School. When Fairfax County was no longer willing to run any more tournaments, she helped found VASO and has been a board member, regional tournament director, and coach for her high school team ever since.

Ms. Puhlick has been teaching high school chemistry since 1993 and has been at Langley High School in Fairfax County since 1996. She not only started and currently coaches the Science Olympiad Team at Langley, but she also started and currently coaches the Science Bowl team.

Ms. Puhlick earned her B.A. in chemistry and Master of Teaching from the University of Virginia.

Leah Puhlick
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