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Sounds of Music

Sounds of Music

Teams must construct and tune one device prior to the tournament based on a one-octave 12-tone equal tempered scale and complete a written test on the physics of sound and music concepts.

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Written Test Day & Hands-On Day
National Rulebook
January 3, 2023

Song Excerpt (States) - The excerpt of Battle Hymn of the Republic original published in the Rules should be discarded and the State Tournament will use this version where the notes below G4 were re-written to different notes within the G4 to G5 octave.

October 19, 2022

Rule 6.b.iv. Song Score (SS) = (Device Song Score/Highest Device Song Score of all teams) x 15 points 20 points


Sounds Of Music B VASO 2023 Scoresheet
Download PDF • 106KB

VASO Sounds Of Music Scoring Spreadsheet
Download XLSX • 262KB

Allowed Range 2023
Download JPG • 159KB

Note numbering in chromatic
Download PNG • 285KB

Sounds of Music Tournament Pitch Tester

National Sounds of Music event page

Student Resource Center (Scioly)

National Significant Figures Guidelines

See the VASO Crave the Wave page for multiple resources, including teaching videos, on waves

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