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It's About Time

It's About Time

Teams will answer questions related to time and they may construct and bring one non-electrical device that triggers a single signal to occur three times at equally spaced time intervals.

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October 11, 2022

Rule 3.e. - Can different parts of the "one" mechanism trigger the signal (i.e. 3 sections of a mechanism trigger the same signal)?

Every signal happens because something (a mechanism) directly causes it to happen. For example, the bell sounding is a signal, but the sound is caused by a hammer striking the bell. The flag being raised is the signal, but it is caused by a string pulling it up the pole. The hammer and the string are the mechanism. The mechanism must be the same in all instances, so, in order to allow for the next signal, the mechanism will need to reset itself for the next signal (i.e. the hammer must retract back or the string must go slack to let the flag back down). However, multiple different components or parts in the device can initiate the action of the mechanism that causes the signal (i.e. different cogs initiating the hammer action or different elements pulling the flag’s string).


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