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Environmental Chemistry

Environmental Chemistry

This event will focus on fresh water (e.g., residential, industrial or natural), the identified pages of The Clean Water Act (1972 & 1977), wastewater operator’s certification manual (Indiana March 2018 revision) and its applications, various testing of particular analytes using standardized curves (either interpreted or created), and stabilization ponds, and introduction to the National Pretreatment Program.

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Hands-On Day
Type C
National Rulebook
March 6, 2023

Environmental Chemistry Equipment - Teams should not bring electrolysis equipment or glassware larger than 100-mL capacity. It is recommended that teams do bring enough disposable pipettes (droppers) and beakers to create and analyze up to 6 solutions during the session block. The glassware holding the solutions must have a wide opening (>1.25 inches) to allow for measurements. Teams should also bring spot plates, gloves, and the allowed writing utensils, ruler, binder, and non-programmable, non-graphing calculators.


Science Olympiad Personal Protective Equipment
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