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Wind Power

Teams will build and test a blade assembly for a wind turbine. This event will have a written test component. This event has a written test on the possible topics of power generation and storage, weather and global wind patterns, basic parts of wind turbines.

Number Students Allowed
Held Where?
2 per team
Safety Glasses (ANSI Z87.1+)
Oct 1, 2022

Q1: 1) Will the material to create the blade assembly be provided at the event? I don't see any in the list provided. What is the material that will be provided. 2) What kind of wind power stand will be provided?

A1: We will not list the materials for this event until the team enters the testing room. The materials given will be sufficient for the teams to be successful. We use the Division B wind power stand for this competition. You can find the plans for at this link:

Q2: Is the written test for this event on the same day as the building event?

A2: The written test for this event will take place on the building day. 

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