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Parachute Straw Egg Drop

Each pair of students will make a device out of paper straws and masking tape, supplied on‐site by the event supervisor, to hold a large raw egg. The device containing the egg will be dropped from a fixed height to a target. This event has a written test on the possible topics of eggs, parts of a parachute, and related vocabulary.

Number Students Allowed
Held Where?
2 per team
Indirect-vent Goggles
Oct 28, 2022

Q1: Any further clarification on "materials for parachute" available?

A1: We will give no further clarification on the materials. The materials available will help teams create a successful device. 

Q2: Will teams get additional material to make a parachute or will the parachute need to be constructed from the straws?

A2: See answer 1.

Q3: Can the non sticky part of the tape touch the egg?

A3: Yes.

Q4: Are we allowed to use/bring a ruler for constructing our structure? 

A4: No.

Q5: The target point is a straight point under the dropping position or it can be a few feet away in any direction? I mean do we expect a straight fall or make our structure to be able to glide and steer?

A5: The target will be as close as the Event Supervisor can make it to a straight drop. There will be no gliding or steering needed. 

Q6: "20 paper, non-flexible straws"  Does this mean the straws can only be cut, but not be folded? 

A6: Teams may fold straws. 

Q7: "Plumb lines will be allowed."  Does this mean we need to bring the plumb lines by ourself?

A7: Yes.

Q8: Can the plumb line be used as part of the construction material?

A8: No.

Q9: Will we be allowed to use ruler for measuring or straws to make the structure?

A9: No.

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