3rd Grade: Gunk Gooey Stuff

Teams will make a material called “Gunk” from three specific materials to meet criteria announced at the event.

Number Students Allowed
Held Where?
2 per team
ANSI Z87.1‐2015 certified and meets CE EN166 & D3 Splash/Droplet standards
Oct 1, 2022

Q1: 1) Are students required to use all three materials or could they choose not to use one of them? 2) Could they use water as well? 3) If you're asking two characteristics of Gunk at the same time, are they allowed to prepare two different versions of Gunk? Or do they have to use only one chunk of Gunk for both testing? 4) If you're asking 2 characteristics, how would be the final score calculated or how would be two different scores combined?

A1: Teams do not need to use all of the materials. They may not use water. They will know before they begin creating their gunk whether it will be for stretching or bouncing; They will disadvantage themselves if they create both for the competition. One characteristic, one score.