3rd Grade: Air Rockets

Each team will build and fly a forced air propelled paper rocket using provided materials towards a target set at a distance.

Number Students Allowed
Held Where?
2 per team
Safety Glasses (ANSI Z87.1+)
Oct 1, 2022

Q1: On page 10 in the event rule document, it says "the target will be 3 to 5 meters" but the diagram below says "distance to target: 3 to 9 meters". Could you please clarify which one is correct?

A1: A target of 9 meters is too far for little lungs.

Q2: Regarding 1M penalty, should it be added to the distance of one test flight or the average distance of two flights? To be specific, let's assume that 2M and 5M and the line of flight is 4M away. So, should the final distance is (2+1{penalty}+5)/2 or (2+5)/2 + 1{penalty}?

A2: The penalty is added to the individual flight.

Q3: When do students take written test for the air rocket event? Will it be on the same event day or the day when online written tests are held?

A3: The written test is a part of the building process.

Q4:Also, could you please clarify a little bit more about the contents in the box right below Part 1 - Written Test on page 9 in the rule book? Specifically, "rockets" in the first bullet point mean the rockets they're going to build on the event day so it means basically students are measuring how long the rockets they built are flying?

A4: Yes, Students will estimate the distance on the day of the competition.

Q5:And what's "a practice rocket" in the second bullet point? Those two bullet points are very hard to understand so I'd appreciate it if you could clarify more about them.

A5: As a part of the competition teams must practice with paper rockets, they make before the competition.

Q6: Are students allowed to build multiple rockets and choose one for scoring? I'd appreciate it if you could help me to understand more on the rules. Many thanks in advance!

A6: Since this is an event for two team members, they have the option of building and testing two paper rockets. It is their decision to choose which they fly for the competition.