Invitational Tournaments

Schools sometimes run practice tournaments, independent from VASO, called "Invitationals". These are optional tournaments that teams may choose to attend to give them more practice at the events or to have more competition experience. You must have completed your VASO registration to attend these tournaments, which are held all over the US. Note, though, that Invitationals do typically require their own registration fee and each Invitational determines its own criteria for participating, schedule, and slate of events to run.


Events Announced

Sept 29, 2015

VASO has announced its 2016 events and its tournament event schedule.

Pricing Discount Announced

Sept 13, 2015

VASO offers a discount for those schools with a large percentage of Free & Reduced Lunch students. Check out our pricing structure for details.

VASO registration

Sept 13, 2015

VASO Registration is now open.

Invitationals announced

Sept 2, 2015

There will be a Division C Invitational in Fairfax on 1/9/16. We have heard of no plans for anyone in VA to run a Division B Invitational. If interested in Invitationals (which are optional), review the Invitationals page of the website. If interested, sign up as early as possible - they do fill up quickly.

Upcoming Tournaments

If teams have invitational tournaments that they recommend, we will be happy to put links for them on this page.